In the Sky

Updated 7/7/2017

August 21st is the Solar Eclipse There is plenty of information about the eclipse on many different astronomy forums. Here in central Pennsylvania the eclipse will be about 75 to 80% at around 2:37pm.

Mercury stands about 6 degrees high in the sky about a half hour after sunset in the first few days of August

Saturn and Jupiter are our evening planets through July and August

Venus is our morning “star” throughout August.  The crescent moon and Venus will be in Gemini on the morning of August 19, about 1 hour before sunrise.

Saturn: the ringed planet will be spectacular in June as its rings will be at a 28 degree tilt!

Comets: Look for Comet Panstarrs C/2015 ER61 near the Pleiades August 14 – 21

C/2015 V2 (Johnson) will be about 8th magnitude as it travels near Centaurus and Lupus in August

NEW HORIZONS is past Pluto. Follow the progress at

JUNO is orbiting Jupiter! Follow the NASA link below for updates on the mission:

“Astronomy compels the soul to look upward, and leads us from this world to another.” Plato, Philosopher

Q: What do you call stormtroopers playing Monopoly?
A: Game of Clones  (