In the Sky

Updated 8/2/2018

Meteor Shower: The Perseids will peak on August 12 and there will be no moon to interfere!

Planets: The Moon, Spica and Venus will make a nice view after sunset on the 14th of August!

Mars The planet will still be the biggest and brightest that it has been in the last fifteen years throughout August.

Saturn: Still traveling around Scorpio through the night sky.

Jupiter Still is a major feature throughout August. It will have a double shadow from Io and Europa on August 23. For an hour and a half both shadows will be on Jupiter’s surface starting at 10:34pm EDT

Comets: Comet 21P will be around 9th magnitude and travel through Cassiopeia in August.

Moon Rise/Set Table for State College for 2018: Click Here

Sunrise/Sunset Times for State College for 2018: Click Here

NEW HORIZONS is sleeping. Follow the progress (ZZZZZZZ) at

JUNO is orbiting Jupiter! Follow the NASA link below for updates on the mission:

The stars, like dust, encircle me In living mists of light; And all of space I seem to see In one vast burst of sight.      Isaac Asimov

Saturn has the lowest density of any planet in our solar system. Its density is so low that it would float if it was placed in water.