In the Sky

Updated 5/4/2018

Meteor Shower: May 6th, the Eta Aquariid shower will peak before dawn and the moon will not interfere.

Planets: June 19 Venus will  be just 0.4 degrees north of Beehive Cluster

Mars will double in brightness in May preparing for the July opposition when it will be the biggest and brightest that it has been in the last fifteen years.

Saturn: In May the planet will rise around midnight early in the month. It will be at opposition and its brightest on June 27. It travels with Sagittarius through the night sky.

Jupiter will rise in the early night sky throughout May and reaches opposition on May 8. The planet will be a major feature of the sky after sunset throughout June.

Comets: Panstarrs, C/2016 R2  is 10-11 in magnitude and traveling through Auriga in May. Another Panstarrs, C/2016 M1 will be tenth magnitude and passes through Sagittarius in June.

Watch for Comet 46P, Wirtanen this summer. It may get to naked eye brightness.

Moon Rise/Set Table for State College for 2018: Click Here

Sunrise/Sunset Times for State College for 2018: Click Here

NEW HORIZONS is sleeping. Follow the progress (ZZZZZZZ) at

JUNO is orbiting Jupiter! Follow the NASA link below for updates on the mission:

The stars, like dust, encircle me In living mists of light; And all of space I seem to see In one vast burst of sight.      Isaac Asimov

Saturn has the lowest density of any planet in our solar system. Its density is so low that it would float if it was placed in water.